Board Members:

Coaching Staff:

  • Kelly McLaughlin
  • U.S.Amee
  • Kent French
  • Missy Heinlen
  • Tommy Gunz
  • MadSplattHer


  • Kellen McCormack
  • Will Shoup

Below is a list of photographers who have contributed photos for use on our website. All rights are reserved by the photographer. These photos may not be removed from this site without the express written consent of the photographer. Please contact us if you have any questions.

PhotographersMatt Ruddick, Debbie Darko, Greg Dunn


  • Shotgun Mike (Head Ref)
  • Bona Petite
  • Carpe Jugulum
  • Gary Ross
  • Grim Trigger
  • Nellie FlyBy
  • Melody Mayhem
  • Wes Slamderson

Non-Skating Officials:

  • Bethly Hallows (Head NSO)
  • Tweety Bird