Cornfed has established this retired skater policy in an attempt to give appreciation to the time and commitment that our retired skaters have dedicated to the league.

We recognize that our retired skaters are a wealth of wisdom in skating knowledge and skill. As a League, we desire to retain and pass down this knowledge to new and veteran skaters for as long as possible.

All retired skaters are entitled to:

  • Attendance at all CFDD practices (with WFTDA insurance)
  • Participation in practices in the 2 weeks before bouts is at the discretion of coaches (with WFTDA insurance)
  • Attendance at open scrimmages (with WFTDA insurance)
  • Attendance at League meetings per Board approval
  • Ability to run for leadership positions


Avery LaRuthless
Aria Kiddinme
Brittney Kirtley (formerly Betty Fhite)
Bobbi Pin
Breckin U. Down
Crushin Anya
Dawn n Dirty
Detention Hall
Devil Doc
DG OZsome
IttyBitty BangTheory
Ivana Falkuup
Jane Damage
Heinlen (formerly JJ BabeRams)
Ivy Poison Ya
Karen Boutcha
Kelley Kill-More
Kim Karsmashian
Lady Bionic
Leia Mout
Lokita Lopez
Lulu Dropa-vitch
Pincho’ Pixie-Dust
Ramtastic Rebel
Shrewd Bury-more
Sin D. Lapher
SLAM manda
Slayer Swift
Slipper E. Noodle
Sonic the Trackhog
Spankin’ B. Hinds
The Jen-A-Roll


Bullerina – TBD
Harless – Naptown
BoomsDay – Naptown
Frida Brawlo – Arizona Roller Derby
Bruisey Ricardo – Naptown
Nuck L. Sammie – Naptown
Count Smackula – Twin City
Anvil SmasHerNasty – Naptown
Alotta Pushie – South Bend
B-Squared – Naptown
Elizabeth Tailher – Naptown
Richie Whip – Circle City
Wham Bam – Naptown