Season 6 Bout Schedule!

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Muncie’s own Cornfed Derby Dames have spent the last four months preparing for their sixth season. In 2015 Cornfed climbed 83 spots in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association rankings and this year they’re hoping to go further. The dames have added a “B Team” to better accommodate and train upcoming skaters; also enabling all home bouts in 2016 to be double headers.

The first home bout of season six will be Sunday, February 28 at Gibson Arena, 2610 S. Mock Ave. Doors open at 3 p.m. with a 4 p.m. start time. The dames will take on the Derby City Roller Girls of Louisville, KY in a double header versus their A & B teams.

Season six home games are as follows:

  • Sunday, February 28: Cornfed A Team vs. the Derby City Rollergirls of Louisville, KY
    Cornfed B Team vs. the Derby City Rollergirls’ Bourbon Brawlers of Louisville, KY
  • Sunday, April 3: Cornfed A Team vs. the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade of Chicago, IL
    Cornfed B Team vs. the Circle City Derby Girls’ Party Crashers of Indianapolis, IN
  • Sunday, June 12: Cornfed A Team vs. the Gem City Rollergirls Purple Reign of Dayton, OH
    Cornfed B Team vs. A-Town Roller Derby of Anderson, IN
  • Saturday, July 9: Cornfed A Team vs. the Naptown Roller Girls’ Warning Belles of Indianapolis, IN
    Cornfed B Team vs. the Naptown Roller Girls’ Third Alarm of Indianapolis, IN

Bouts are still just $10 per person at the door or $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame. College students are just $5 with an ID and children ages 10 and younger are free with the purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children). Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available at the concession stand. An after party at Big Shots Pub, 700 S. Nichols St., will follow each home game. A portion of all bout proceeds will benefit a local charitable organization.

In addition to their four home games, Cornfed will travel to Akron, OH on May 21 to take on NEO Roller Derby. The dames will also participate in their first tournament, “K-Town Shakedown,” on April 29 through May 1 in Kalamazoo, MI. Due to the high costs of travel and lodging the dames are accepting donations from fans here.

Featured Skater- Bona Petite #789

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Good things come in small packages, and Bona Petite is no exception to that rule. As a student at Ball State, a member of Pride of Mid-America Marching Band, and a regular show stopper in Rocky Horror Picture Show Bona is a force to be reckoned with- and that’s just off the track. Her name- a reference to her tiny frame and ability to “eat like a garbage disposal”- is no joke. When Bona laces up her skates she’s unpredictable with hits, jukes, and speed, eating up the track- bon appetit! Bona may be a newer skater, but she has passion for her team that started a long time ago. “My mom got me into roller derby back when I was in high school. We used to watch bouts together on weekends and I was always amazed by the sport.I fell in love with this sport in a heartbeat. I continued to watch it as I got older, then finally when I got to college, I had the opportunity to join a team that I had known for years, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Bona has worked hard since she started about 10 months ago, and her skill and determination as a skater has changed and improved since she started. “I have to tell myself that it is ok to fall. Sometimes it can be discouraging to get knocked down, which happens to me more than not, but it just means that you’re trying new things. When I am lacing up my skates, I have to convince myself that when I fall, I just have to get back up and try that jump, that hit, that transition just one more time, and eventually I will get it. Also I have to tell myself that you have to celebrate the little victories when they happen.”

Bona is known on the team not only for her crazy tights (her most famous pair is completely printed with ears of corn) but also for her fierce, sharp and acute hits. We’ve got the bruises to prove it, people. But the violence isn’t what keeps Bona coming back to the track. “The thing I love most about roller derby is the people. The people from our own team, people from other teams, the refs, NSO’s, and all of the fans, everyone who has involved themselves into this sport has made it a culture. When we are on the track, we may just be numbers and colors, but after practices and bouts, we all hang out! In the end, it really doesn’t matter what team you are on, we all care about each other because it is more than just a sport. I have made so many friends through roller derby and it has truly been an incredible experience.” That might sound like rainbows and sunshine kids, but watch out, Bona is like a sour patch rollergirl; first she’s sweet, then she’s sour.

See for yourself on Saturday January 30, when Bona will be lacing up her cupcake-adorned skates with the Dames to take on the Fort Wayne Derby Girls in a scrimmage at the Gibson’s Skating Arena at 10am. This event is free of charge, however there is a $5 suggested donation. Come grab a suicide seat and find out what Bona Petite is made of!

New Skater Clinic!

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Have you ever thought about getting involved with ROLLER DERBY? Now is your chance!

We are looking for new skaters, referees, volunteers, and NSO’s to join us in our 6TH SEASON of flat track roller derby! To help you get your feet (er, skates?) wet before our season begins, we’re hosting a clinic to give you the opportunity to ask questions, meet our staff and skaters, and learn a few basic skating skills used in the sport of roller derby!

No prior skating or roller derby experience necessary! We will teach you everything you need to know to be the most effective and safe skater you can be.


Where: Gibson Skating Arena in Muncie
Date: Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Time: Registration begins at 2:30 p.m., Clinic runs from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Cost: $5 (CASH ONLY)

Some of our super generous skaters will be loaning their gear out for the day. If you don’t have your gear by clinic day, no worries! We can help you out. Just give us a heads up when you pre-register.

Required Equipment:

Mouth Guard – You will NOT be able to borrow a mouth guard. Please make sure you purchase your own. These can be found at any sporting goods store and are very affordable.
Elbow Pads
Knee Pads
Wrist Guards
Quad Skates – These will be available to rent.
Water Bottle
Photo ID (Must be 18 years or older!)

For more details and to PRE-REGISTER, please e-mail


Rookie Year with Cornfed

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1534830_829037103802915_2382174924876790864_oWith passion in my eyes and skates on my feet, I started at the Cornfed Derby Dames (CFDD) fresh meat clinic in September of 2014.  I had skated a different type of derby before but wasn’t prepared to play WFTDA style, so I thought.  All us fresh meat started from the basics and got derby 101 from the ground level up.  It was a great way to strip all the renegade (illegal) moves out of my mind and start fresh.  After the clinic we started regular testing/practices and boy oh boy was it intimidating.  Going into this new derby and meeting a bunch of amazing skaters whom I had been watching play for the past 4 years was kind of, well let’s just say I had a roller-coaster of nerves in my belly.  My mind was blown that I was on the floor with skaters that were way above my skill level.

After all the testing, it was time to see if I made the charter and to my surprise I actually made it, and not only that, I rostered for our first bout of the season.  I will admit it was so scary, my knees were shaking so bad I could barely skate but I did it!!!

Now, I have come to the last home bout of my rookie season with CFDD, having rostered for every bout thus far, and getting to hit our home track one last time this season with these amazing teammates of mine.

CFDD will be taking on the Vette City Vixens Saturday July 11 at 7 p.m. for our last home bout of season 5.  Come out to Gibson Skating Arena and cheer us to another victory and help me end my rookie season with a BANG! Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets are $8 pre-sale and $10 at the door, with kids 10 and under free.

Don’t forget our furry friends!  A portion of our proceeds are donated to ARF (animal rescue fund) and we will also be collecting donation items.  Please consider donating: dish washing liquid, laundry soap, any kind of dog chew toys, treats, catnip, dog or cat collars. Don’t miss  your last chance to see CFDD on our home turf this season!


–fOWL Play

CFDD Takes on the South Bend Roller Girls

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CFDD warm upThe wise and fabulous Leslie Knope once said, “I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies.” If you’re not one of those people and you love powerful depictions of awesome ladies, then you need to come to the Cornfed Derby Dames bout against South Bend Sunday June 28th. Roller derby is insanely fun to watch, even if you have no idea what’s going on. I’ve been skating with the dames for about three months and I’ve learned a lot, but when it comes to understanding the actual game of roller derby, you can call me John Snow, because I know nothing. So, don’t be scared away because you don’t know all the rules and positions of derby. The basics are pretty easy to understand, and are printed in basically every program. The rules and strategy aren’t what’s so fun about derby anyway. What’s really cool is the culture that comes with roller derby. The skill that the skaters have accumulated. The punny and memorable derby names that get you thinking about what your own tough derby name would be. The teamwork and dedication the skaters have. It’s all about sportsmanship, helping the community, and growing as people. The proceeds from the bout help support ARF and all the other ways the Dames volunteer in the community.

There have been so many times at practice I have seen the more experienced skaters doing moves and have thought to myself “I’ll never be able to do that.” But with time and help from the team, I’ve learned to do it and it’s felt amazing! There’s nothing better than realizing that with enough perseverance, you can do anything you put your mind to, and that is such a great lesson to learn. Especially for kids. Did I mention kids get into the bout for free with the purchase of an adult ticket? Everyone should see a derby bout at least once in their lives and this is your time! Head down to Gibson Skating Arena Sunday, June 28th. The doors open at 3pm and the bout starts at 4. Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 if you pre sale them through Brown Paper Tickets or get them from one of the Dames!

— Janice Droplin

What’s in a name?

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cfdd-Avery headshot

Avery LaRuthless

Picking a roller derby name is something that most people are excited to do. They get to let their creativity flow and are able to create a new name that everyone will soon know. This is also one of the easiest things for someone to come up with. Unless you’re like me. I dreaded the day that I had to choose my name. I am one of the most indecisive and uncreative people alive. I didn’t want to pick out a name, then decide a year or two later I didn’t like it anymore and change it. And I just really enjoy my name already, so I liked being called it.

Picking a name was one of the hardest things I had to do. I asked for advice and thought about it for months. At first I thought I was going to be Biscuits & Gravery. It was a play on my name, so I enjoyed it. Plus, I love biscuits and gravy. But then I decided that I didn’t think I would like being called Biscuit, or really Gravery for that matter. Then my sister came up with Tina TurntUp. I really liked this one. It was fun and Tina Turner is fun to sing along to. I never saw myself as a Tina, but I was going to stick with it. Then one night when I was taking a shower I thought of a new name. Avery LaRuthless. This one was my favorite. It just came to me out of nowhere.  With this one, I would be able to be called by my name and it was a play on my middle name, LaRue. I asked my mom for her advice on it, as well as my sister. They both liked it, so I decided on that one.

So Avery LaRuthless is my official derby name, and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, it’s not the most creative, but creativity is not a strong trait of mine. It was a long journey to get to a simple name, it was worth it in the end. And no one has to learn a new name for me, so that’s a plus too.


— Avery LaRuthless

We’re turning 5!

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Help CFDD celebrate 5 years of hard hits, big wins, bumps and bruises at our Birthday Bash!

We’re celebrating 5 years with a skating party and YOU are invited. The evening will feature open skating with your favorite derby dames, door prizes, a silent auction and MUCH MORE!

Check out the event Facebook page!

Admission $3
Skate rental $2
Gibson Skating Arena, 2610 S Mock Ave, Muncie, Indiana 47302
All ages are welcome!


A special THANK YOU to these businesses and organizations for donating items to our silent auction:


cfdd 2010

CFDD the early days: Attending an open skate at Gibson Skating Arena.












Cornfed: Get Ready to Roll!

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Photo credit: Photography by Matt Ruddick

We’re hosting the first home bout of season five Sunday, Feb. 22 at Gibson Skating Arena, 2610 S. Mock Ave. Doors open at 3 p.m. with a 4 p.m. start time. CFDD will take on the Glass City Rollers of Toledo, OH.  Tickets are $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame, and $10 at the door (cash only). College students pay $5 with ID.  Free admission for children ages 10 and younger with purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children). Snacks and drinks are available (cash only) at the concession stand.

This season’s home bout charity is the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF). A portion of bout proceeds will be donated to the organization. Following the bout, an after party celebration will take place at Big Shots Pub, 700 S. Nichols St. Muncie, IN 47303.

Upcoming home bouts:
Sunday, March 29: vs Circle City Socialites
Sunday, June 28: vs Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls
Saturday, July 11: vs Vette City

Dames Walk A Mile for the Muncie Mission

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Cornfed Derby Dames participating in Walk A Mile 2014.

We will be participating in Muncie Mission’s Walk-A-Mile In My Shoes Saturday, Feb. 4th! The Muncie Mission provides an incredible service to our community and we couldn’t be happier to contribute. Walk a Mile in My Shoes is a fundraising event. The purpose of the Walk is to take a step into the struggles facing the homeless and those in desperate situations. It also serves to extend the purpose of the Muncie Mission.

If you’d like to make a donation our link is

New Skater Clinic — Saturday, February 21

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We’re hosting a clinic for new skaters and referees Saturday, February 21. The clinic will be held at Gibson Skating Arena from 10 a.m. – noon and will cost $5 at the door. No previous derby or skating experience is required. We will focus mainly on basic skating skills and the basic rules of roller derby. NOTE: We welcome men and women of ALL skill levels, who are at least 18 years of age. To become a member of our team, you must be female, but we welcome both men and women to join our ref crew!

– quad skates
– knee pads
– elbow pads
– wrist guards
– a mouth guard
– a helmet
– water bottle

These items may be purchased locally at:
Gibson Skating Arena (Muncie)
Vital Skates (Fountain Square, Indianapolis)
MC Sports
or online:

* If you can’t get the required gear in time for the clinic, we may be able to arrange loaner gear/rental skates for the day with enough notice. You must provide own mouth guard. If you don’t have full gear (whether purchased or borrowed) you will not be able to participate in the clinic.

1. Sign up via e-mail: Send your FULL NAME and whether you will be attending as a REFEREE or a SKATER to by Friday, February 20.
2. SKATE! Hit up the open skates at Gibson’s or even skate in your kitchen … just skate! Just get rollin’ and get comfortable.
3. Start checking out the WFTDA rules and WFTDA MINIMUM SKILLS REQUIREMENTS
4. Please make sure that you have all of the required gear for the clinic day.
1. Come early! Check in at the door at 9:45 a.m., start gearing up, and be on the floor by 10 a.m.
2. Make sure you come dressed to SKATE. Comfortable workout clothes!
3. Bring plenty of WATER.

Contact with any questions regarding this clinic or if you are interested in joining but can’t make this event. We look forward to skating with you!