Season 7 Tickets – Season Pass

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Click here to get your Season 7 passes! 

Puzzling over the perfect present to get someone? Look no further! Cornfed Derby Dames Season 7 passes for 2017 are available now! No need to put on pants and go battle the crowds, you can purchase an entire season of action-packed derby right from your couch. At $40, that’s four bouts of awesome derby action for only $10 per bout, bouts will be $12 at the door this season. This is a great way to learn about derby, support your favorite skater, and see some explosive hits. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Passes are available now now through December 31, 2016!

Click here to get your Season 7 passes! 



Cornfed Seeks New Head Coach

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Do you love to coach? Do you love roller derby? Do you love the Cornfed Derby Dames? The Cornfed Derby Dames out of Muncie, IN are looking for a dedicated coach for our league! We are looking for someone who can lead the team to another successful season and push each athlete to the next level.

To apply, submit a resume (with 3 references) and cover letter detailing your interest, skills, and experience by September 9, 2016 to

The League Head Coach is responsible for coaching roller derby athletes in game strategies and techniques to prepare them for athletic competition in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and Cornfed Derby Dames. The Cornfed Derby Dames consists of both an A and B team. Our A team is currently ranked 114th in the WFTDA rankings.
  • Attends Cornfed practices, scrimmages, and bouts;
  • Establishes and evaluates goals for Cornfed and participating athletes;
  • Provides players with in-the moment & periodic one-on-one feedback;
  • Directs implementation of roller derby skills and strategies based on current WFTDA ruleset and game play strategies from top teams internationally;
  • Develops training plans and manages practice time effectively;
  • May plan entire practices by requesting to do so with the Practice Committee;
  • Reviews and assesses game play footage of team and opponents and attends bout recaps when able;
  • Implements competitive game plans and rosters;
  • Holds players accountable for performance and attitude, and enforces disciplinary action when appropriate;
  • Other duties as assigned.
The League Head Coach is responsible for managing the coaching staff for the Cornfed Derby Dames and ensuring compliance with League training methods and strategies.
  • Roller derby and/or experience coaching female athletes encouraged, but not required;
  • Ability to objectively evaluate physical performance and mental capabilities related to the league;
  • Ability to teach skills by breaking them down into small steps and building on them;
  • Knowledge of WFTDA rules and regulations, including the WFTDA Safety Protocol and must be able to pass (80% or higher) the current WFTDA Skater Rules Test;
  • Ability to learn and implement strategy;
  • Effective planning and organizational skills;
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective and fair working relationships with athletes, volunteers, staff and the public, within a diverse participant population;
  • Ability to lead and manage change in a positive and inclusive manner.
  • Availability to work evenings and weekends;
  • Ability to travel locally, and nationally, for team practices and competitions;
  • Physical ability to participate in all facets of training and competition.
  • The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills, and physical demands required of volunteer personnel so classified;
  • Practices are held 3 days per week;
  • Roughly 5-8 bouts per season (Saturdays and Sundays);
  • Head coach is selected by league vote annually. Each term lasts 1 season.

New Skater Clinic

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We are excited to begin our seventh season this fall and are starting the season off with a New Skater Clinic on Sunday, September 18 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Gibson’s Skating Arena. If you have ever contemplated getting involved with roller derby now is your chance!

The clinic is open to women 18 years and older interested in playing roller derby or men and women interested in becoming referees. No previous skating experience is necessary; our talented coaching staff will spend the clinic teaching the basic skating skills of roller derby. The following gear is required at the clinic: quad roller skates, mouth guard, helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads. Much of the required gear is available to borrow from the Dames.

The clinic is just $5 to attend and does not require any long-term league commitment. If you do choose to join the league, a two-week boot camp will follow the clinic and expand on skating skills before league practices resume in October. Pre-registration is required, to register or if you have any additional questions email



Featured Skater: U.S.Amee

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cfdd-26Happy holiday weekend, derbygoers! I’m sure a lot of you will be watching some great fireworks on the fourth, but this week’s featured skater is packing some much more impressive explosions! The passionately patriotic U.S.Amee is captain of Cornfed’s A team and acts as a mentor to many of our skaters. This star spangled skater may look sweet, but her signature move has sent many a skater clear across the arena. As many of us know, sending skaters sprawling from sea to shining sea isn’t a trick that just happens overnight. Amee is a self proclaimed rink rat, and practically grew up at Gibson’s Skating Arena. Being an experienced skater isn’t the only thing that has made Amee thrive. “I have done so many things out of my comfort zone–physically and mentally.” A huge part of her success is that she’s not afraid to jump wheels first out of that comfort zone. “I have always been quiet and shy and at first it was very hard for me to come out of that. I forced myself into taking leadership positions for CFDD to not only help the league, but to help myself grow as an individual.” She practices hard and plans drills that challenge and foster each skater’s individual ability. “Leading practices is so hard for me! The thought of talking in front of so many awesome skaters is so overwhelming! But with the support of each and every one of them, I get through it.” Amee is constantly trying new things, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing and trying again-but she’s always laughing and pushing herself to the limit. 10608764_829036917136267_6450593113574618873_o

With her hard hits, fancy footwork, and booty blocks, it’s easy to see why derby loves Amee. But what does Amee love most about derby? “What I love most about derby is a hard one! So many great things about this sport! From getting in shape, being on my skates (that I like more than shoes), to the fact that this sport accepts any and every one! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how you chose to live your life! There is always a place for everyone! But…ultimately, what I love most about derby is all of the friends I have met along the way that I now consider family! I don’t know what I would do without them!”

 When she’s not speeding around the track, Amee is speeding around after two well known pranksters. “When I’m not on skates, I am a momma of two rotten boys! They are my world! We spend a lot of time at the ball field watching them become awesome athletes!” Between baseball games and her husband’s football games, Amee isn’t unfamiliar with the risk of injury in sports. One of the most frequent questions derby girls get asked by friends and family is usually along the lines of “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get hurt?” or “Yeah, throw some elbows! Break some teeth!” Obviously the actions in the second question are mostly prevented by rules, but accidents in derby do happen and injuries can be super scary. Roller derby is such a fun, crazy, amazing sport, and Amee isn’t intimidated by the risk. “To feel what I feel on the track, with so many awesome people, absolutely outweighs the thought of getting hurt by a million! I may get into my older years, not being able to walk because of my “roller derby knees” but man, the stories I will be able to tell!!!” Amee

Come be a part of those stories and see Amee make people red, white and bruised on Saturday June 9th as the Cornfed All Stars take on Naptown’s Warning Belles in the last bout of Season 6. Amee has also been a huge part of encouraging and teaching Cornfed’s B team, the Missfits, who will play Naptown’s Third Alarm. “My favorite moments this season have been watching our B team’s first season unfold and watching each of those B.A girls kill it and grow!! Makes my momma heart just melt!!” Get your heart melted too! Come down to Gibson’s and help U.S.Amee Make America Skate Again! Doors open for the double header at 5 p.m. with a 6 p.m. start time for the All-Stars game. Tickets at the door are $10 per person or $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame. College students are just $5 with an ID and children ages 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children). Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available at the concession stand. An after party will follow the game at Big Shots Pub, 700 S. Nichols St. A portion of all bout proceeds this season will benefit ForGirls ByGirls.

Last Doubleheader of the Season vs. Naptown Roller Girls

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Cornfed vs. Naptown

The Cornfed Derby Dames (CFDD) will hold their final doubleheader of season 6 on Saturday, July 9 at Gibson’s Skating Arena, 2610 S. Mock Ave. The CFDD All-Stars will take on the Naptown Roller Girls Warning Belles (Indianapolis) and the Muncie Missfits will be playing the Naptown Roller Girls Third Alarm (Indianapolis).

The last time the Dames played the Warning Belle’s was in May of 2015. This hard fought game resulted in a loss for Cornfed 122 to Naptown’s 161. The Dames are looking for a win at home to finish up season six!

Doors open for the double header at 5 p.m. with a 6 p.m. start time for the All-Stars game. Tickets at the door are $10 per person or $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame. College students are just $5 with an ID and children ages 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children). Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available at the concession stand. An after party will follow the game at Big Shots Pub, 700 S. Nichols St. A portion of all bout proceeds this season will benefit For Girls By Girls, Inc.

Featured Skater: Melody Mayhem

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cfdd-20We’ve all felt it: that tingly, butterflies in the stomach, giddy, hair-raising feeling that only comes from your first time watching derby. Deciding whether or not to strap on skates and give the ol’ track a whirl is an exhilarating decision, and sometimes takes way too long to make! This was the case for accomplished jammer, Melody Mayhem. “Fellow teammate Aria Kiddinme convinced me to try it out during a conversation we had at a going away party for a mutual friend. My interest for derby was already there after seeing a bout several years before this conversation, but I never acted on my interest.  By the end of the night Aria convinced me to join and two weeks later I was on skates.”

And we are so glad she did! Melody is a battering-ram of a jammer, super skilled, and a great teacher! In fact, she teaches on and off the track. “I teach elementary music (grades K-5) at Delaware Community Schools. I also can be found knitting or crocheting something.” Don’t let that fool you though, collide with Melody Mayhem, and you might have some stitches of your own!


(A war cry captured by Matt Ruddick at K-Town Shakedown)

Melody is an all-star jammer and recently jammed not one, not two, but three games in one weekend at the K-town Shakedown Tournament. (Which you can read more about here!) One of her favorite memories in her derby career, she described it simply as: “3 days. 3 bouts. It was challenging, but a fantastic experience.” So how does an active jammer like Melody keep her focus? “At practice I think about what I need to work on to make myself and the team better. On bout day I think calming thoughts and try to focus on the bout to come. How can I get through the opposing team’s defense? How can I be the most effective in my attack?

She certainly does attack, and she is fierce! Buuuuuuuut she’s a softie, too. “I love that derby gives me a competitive outlet in my life. I also love that derby has given me a second family. (*Insert cheesy-heartfelt music and audience “aw” here.)

To see Melody in action, head down to Gibson’s Skating Arena (2610 S Mock Ave, Muncie) on June 12 at 1pm! This is a derby packed double-header Sunday, so get more bang for your buck and see Cornfed take on two awesome teams! The Cornfed all-stars will face the Gem City Rollergirls, and the Cornfed Muncie Missfits will play A-Town Roller Derby.  Tickets at door are only ten bucks, five for college students with an ID!

Third Home Bout of Season 6 on June 12

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The Cornfed Derby Dames (CFDD) are on a winning streak after defeating two teams at home and making some impressive wins at the K-town Shakedown tournament. Next up for the Dames is a doubleheader Sunday, June 12 at Gibson’s Skating Arena, 2610 S. Mock Ave. The CFDD All-Stars will take on the Gem City Rollergirls (Dayton) and the Muncie Missfits will be playing A-town Roller Derby (Anderson).

Doors open for the double header at 1 p.m. with a 2 p.m. start time. Tickets at the door are $10 per person or $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame. College students are just $5 with an ID and children ages 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children). Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available at the concession stand. An after party will follow the game at Big Shots Pub, 700 S. Nichols St. A portion of all bout proceeds this season will benefit For Girls By Girls, Inc.

K-Town Shakedown Recap

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The Cornfed Derby Dames competed in their first tournament ever from April 29 to May 1 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The tournament named, “K-Town Shakedown,” invited 23 women’s and men’s flat track roller derby teams from all over North America to compete.13072772_1124252294281393_8274399431152855330_o

The Dames played in three games throughout the weekend versus North Texas Roller Derby (Denton, TX), Border City Brawlers (Windsor, ON, Canada), and Dupage Derby Dames (Roselle, IL). In the first game North Texas took the win with a nail-biting final score of 171 to the Dames’ 170. In game two the Dames came out on top of Border City 302 to 114. Lastly, in their toughest game of the weekend, the Dames pulled out a win against Dupage 198 to 172.

13072654_1125621280811161_595976963030501685_oThe Dames want to thank their fans and the Muncie community as a whole for their continued support of the league over the past six years. The next chance to see the Dames in action is Sunday, June 12 at Gibson’s Skating Arena. The Cornfed Derby Dames All-Stars will take on the Gem City Rollergirls of Dayton, Ohio at 2 p.m. Following the first game, the Cornfed Derby Dames Muncie Missfits will play A-Town Roller Derby of Anderson, Indiana.

Featured Skater: Cosmo Pain

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cfdd-54Someone call NASA, because this week’s featured skater is out of this world! Cosmo Pain is a new addition to the Cornfed Derby Dames, but underestimate her and you’ll be sorry. Cosmo is a star jammer for The Missfits, Cornfed’s premier B-team, and has jammed with the A team as well. “It’s a great experience being on the B-Team, especially since the A-Team is so supportive and active in our progress – helping us at practice, scrimmages, and bouts. I get the experience I need on the B-Team to help me improve.” Cosmo joined Cornfed about 6 months ago at one of our new skater clinics. Although we’d like to believe that Cosmo joined due to Cornfed’s obvious allure and magnetism, we actually have a few ladies from Arlen, Texas to thank. “I knew about derby for a few years, but I never thought it was for me until I watched the King of the Hill episode when Peggy and Luanne joined a roller derby league. I used to skate all the time when I was younger (starting at 3 or 4 years old) and I missed it so I decided to attend the new skater clinic. After that I was hooked.”

It’s hard not to be hooked on roller derby. Our sport is so mentally and physically demanding, but that kind of pressure can sometimes bring to the surface skills that people don’t even know they have before derby. For Cosmo, that skill was her crazy, bone-breaking, booty bruising strength. “I remember when a fellow teammate, U.S.Amee, said I was (physically) strong. No one has ever used those words to describe me before derby.” Let’s just say that if you enjoy trying to walk through brick walls, you’ll really like playing against Cosmo.


(Bona Petite, Janis Droplin and Cosmo Pain after a scrim!)

Cosmo is constantly working hard to improve her skills, not only for herself, but for her team. “Derby has helped give me a reason to work out harder: becoming stronger, gaining endurance, and losing some fat and gaining muscle along the way. It’s a hobby, it’s a lifestyle change, and it’s a community I’m now a part of.”

The derbyverse isn’t the only community Cosmo is a part of. When she’s not pushing through blockers, Cosmo is busy controlling the planets. Well, kind of. “Most of my time is spent being the Assistant Planetarium Director of the Brown Planetarium at Ball State University – the largest planetarium in Indiana – and being the Technology Chair for the Great Lakes Planetarium Association’s Executive Committee.” When she’s not doing that, she spends time with her husband, cats and Netflix.

Cosmo is a dedicated skater, and often comes to practice early to work on her own and focus on what she wants to get out of each practice. “I usually think about what things I want to work on for the day: foot work, communication, breathing…” She is inspired by her team mates and with their encouragement and insight, she continues to get even better every day. “I love the passionate, strong people that make up the entire roller derby community. Their motivation keeps mine strong.”

Cornfed’s motivation this season is higher than ever. On April 3rd, the Cornfed Derby Dame Muncie Missfits take on The Circle City Party Crashers at Gibson Arena. This is part of Cornfed’s second double-header, with the All-stars playing right after against the Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade. Doors open at 3pm and tickets at the door are $10 per person or $8 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets or from any Cornfed Derby Dame. College students are just $5 with an ID and children ages 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult ticket (limit two children), which is a crazy good deal for two bouts! Don’t space this event, come see Cosmo in action!